Leita Barsmið


These words are not in any dictionaries but they are words used quite often in New Eden. If you’re out roaming and looking for a fight the more ‘engageable’ your ship/ships look the more likely you’ll find those fights. There are a mass of variables that come into play with ‘engageability’ and these differ depending upon what type of space your flying through; Null-Sec vs. Low-Sec vs. High-Sec.

Now I’ll preface this with a loud disclaimer: I am most definitely not an elite PvP – Hell, I’m not even close to experienced enough to make any sort of claim of being a solidly competent PvP pilot, I fuck up way too often!!!

With that said… I’d think the meta for solo, small gang and bigger fleets in Low-Sec and what would be considered ‘engageable’ is likely somewhat similar to that in High-Sec but wholly different from the meta and views on ‘engageability’ used in Null-Sec. I’ve not flown in Low-Sec much (I’m scared of gate guns) and my PvP experience in High-Sec is limited to camping and baiting gankers so I can’t really offer any wisdom for those areas of space but I have spent some time flying through Null-Sec, mostly in small gang compositions and some solo stuff.

What’s considered ‘engageable’ in Null-Sec? Well honestly it’s far too hard to answer this question as every engagement is unique and there are so many variables to consider – are you solo, in a small fleet of 5-20, medium fleet of 25-50, a large fleet of 50+, what are you flying, what have you run into, if the enemy gang is not directly engageable with what you are flying is there an option and are you wanting to go for targets of opportunity? So many things to think about… :s

As for me when I’m flying solo I’m more apt to follow the “BANZAI!!!” philosophy and just go for it 🙂

Some other, much more helpful, ‘engageability’ resources for you to peruse:


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Fjúka Hœttr!


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