Setja Hús II

We’ve got a Corp wide PI program running and it’s getting to be some decent ISK for me, think I’ve been the largest contributor for the last three runs we’ve taken to market. I’ve got five planets running pulling the R0 resources and producing the P1 products which then gets put in the Corp hangar for further processing from other members with the final product taken to market every few weeks.

We were just getting rolling on the first run and I don’t remember what my ISK take home was but on run two my share was around 400mil and on our latest run my share was just over 550mil – I am looking at ways to increase this as it’s a solid passive income for the 15-20 minutes of work put in every few days, the easiest of which will be to train my Alt into PI and get him producing as well.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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