Fastr Sókn

I’m continuing to run with the inspiration from the Marine Raiders and going fully themed with my ‘Edson’s Raiders’ Fleet Doctrine. I thought the new’ish line of Empire Navy Ewar Frigates would be a solid way to honour the Marine Raiders tradition and am going to give a go towards designing a roaming doctrine around the four of them supported by the DPS’centric Interceptors.

I’ll be EFT warrior’ing six hulls:

the four Navy Ewar Frigates

  • Crucifier Navy Issue
  • Griffin Navy Issue
  • Maulus Navy Issue
  • Vigil Fleet Issue

and then two DPS’centric Interceptors

  • Claw
  • Taranis


Even if it’s a one off and we get whelped right away I think the Fleet would be a ton of fun to take out on a roam… Ewar for everyone!!!


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


4 thoughts on “Fastr Sókn

  1. I heard that the NMaulus is on the slow side. Might be something to be aware of, esp given the short EW ranges and the likely speed of the rest of your fleet.

    Though I guess if it is considered as “heavy” tackle in this context, its probably fine 🙂


    • The MNI is definitely the slowest of the bunch, the fit I’m playing around with has it going 2803 m/s with a T2 MWD vs. the VFI at 3829 m/s with a 5MN Cold-Gas and then the other two Navy Ewar Frigs are coming in at 2848 m/s for the CNI and 2878 m/s for the GNI with 5MN Y-T8s. Not a terrible difference, it shouldn’t be too far behind the Crucifier or Griffin.


    • I’ve been playing around with fits for the Crusader and can’t quite get the same DPS as the Claw or Taranis fits that I’m looking at which can both reach just over 300 DPS when heated while the Crusader seems to top out around 260’ish. I guess I’ll have to delve a little deeper and check on the application of DPS in regards to Energy Turret vs. Hybrid Turret vs. Projectile Turret and see how things stack up?


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