Veiðr Inn Jǫtunn

Logged in last night just in time to join and catch up to a roaming fleet that had just left our AO. We roamed around <PFR>, <TEST> and <SLYCE> areas looking for targets and having some fun. We were out for about an hour having a great time and got a number of kills but things were starting to wind down for a few of the Fleet members so the FC called it and we set destination for home.

On the way home one of our scouts enters N3-JBX and calls out a cyno and two neuts in system, both  of the neuts were <PFR> pilots. N3-JBX is a stationless system so the cyno was in mid-space and with <PFR> evacing 4-CM8I our FC suspects that they are likely moving a capital so calls for fast tackle to warp to the cyno and lock him up while we investigate the pilots to see if there is any evidence of capital ship use. I can’t remember the cyno pilots name but the other <PFR> pilot in system was Tryp Wire and he had a cloak fitted Rorqual loss on his Killboard so that was what we were looking for.

There was enough of us in system to keep the cyno ship locked up with a few of us spread out from him in an attempt to decloak Tryp near the cyno and the FC called for other pilots to start warping to celestials at random ranges looking for him and we just happened to luck out… Tryp had warped to a celestial at zero and cloaked up and one of our pilots landed right on him and got tackle.

First off maybe there’s a lesson to be learned here… there are ‘safer’ ways to move capitals when using a mid-space cyno. You could time your cyno so that your Cap pilots jump to it just before it dies, you could set up mid-space safes for the Cap pilots to warp to after jumping in which would make decloaking them near impossible.

Unfortunately for Tryp Wire he didn’t use either of those techniques and now has two cloak fitted Rorqual losses on his Killboard.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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