Brjóta Gjald Húsgørð

I enjoy the passive ISK you get from PI. Sure the initial set up of the planets can take a bit but once that is done it is a check and do maintenance every few days kind of thing so not too much of a chore. One problem with these last few moves has been with the POCOs. Quite often they are owned by someone that is not Blue to us so the taxes are way too high to make any decent profit and that looks to be the case in our current AO so… it’s POCO bashing time!

I went looking for some numbers to get an idea of how long it will take to put a POCO into its reinforcement cycle. A POCO has 10,000,000 Shield HP which you need to get to 25% to put it into ref. Doing 300 DPS that would take just under 7 hours, with 600 DPS that drops to around 3.5 hours, 1200 DPS drops it to just under 2 hours, you’ll need 4200 DPS to get that down to around 30 minutes and if you’re looking to get it done in approximately 15 minutes you’ll need around 8400 DPS.

Time to grind.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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