Venja… venja… venja

After our last move Corp Leadership asked members over a certain Skill Point limit to start looking at getting into their own Carrier to help out with those kinds of Operations. I am just above the SP limit they had specified and have steered my training towards getting into a Carrier. In the grand scheme of EVE it’s not a terribly long train but it will be at least a few months before I can even sit in a Carrier and then a couple more before it will be truly useful.

With the skills I already have this is the basics I’ll need to get me in to the pilot seat:

  • Advanced Spaceship Command V
  • Capital Ships I
  • Capital Ships II
  • Capital Ships III
  • Capital Ships IV
  • Drone Interfacing V
  • Jump Drive Operation V
  • Jump Drive Calibration I
  • Jump Drive Calibration II
  • Jump Drive Calibration III
  • ‘Racial’ Carrier I

Of course to be on par for jumping with every one else I’ll need to get Jump Drive Calibration to V which is another 40+ day train, if I want to use some Fighters there’s a few more days,  and I’m pretty sure any Capital sized module I want to use will be some added time as well plus I’ll want to get the base ‘Racial’ Carrier skill to at least level III or IV – there are no short cuts – I’m going with the “So be it!” philosophy, just dig in set up the Skill Queue and forget about it for awhile.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


2 thoughts on “Venja… venja… venja

  1. Just wait until you actually want to use your carrier… you’re looking at Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration as well for the triage module.

    Then again, all of that’s likely to explode in six months anyways. I predict dreads are going to be very popular if they also get a 1 mil m3 Ship Maintenance Bay.


    • Damn it… didn’t even look at that skill. A Dread is on the wishlist for sure but in the short term I think getting into a Carrier is still the way to go for “My First Capital” – even if it’s just to use as a suitcase for move ops.


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