Veðr Járnleikr II

Things for the ‘Stormy’ Clusterfuck Roam are getting sorted rather quickly. Already have the hulls and all bits to fit them up in place and have fitted out a few hulls in prep. Sent out an initial message to the .FRAG Brothers to get a notion of interest and it looks like all the BC hulls could get filled up by .FRAG pilots. Will see how it goes and then look at opening it up to some Alliance mates, would be nice to have some fast tackle, maybe some logi/ecm and a dictor along. Would also love to include any Newbros we have and get them out for some Roaming experience.

Whatever the participation it’ll be a solid fun time and hopefully I’ll not totally whelp us in our first engagement.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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