Veðr Járnleikr

The Hurricane and the Cyclone are two of my favourite hulls in New Eden but probably two of my most under used. I’m going to fix that with a ‘Stormy’ Clusterfuck Roam… the plan will be to build and fit out around 10 hulls so it’ll take a bit to get everything sorted.

I do want as many folk as possible to fleet-up but Battlecruisers are not inexpensive so I may go with a ‘loan’ program with a whatever you can afford replacement donation if lost – we’ll see what that looks like when we get closer to undock time? I likely rip out a message in the next week or so to some of the mates and see what kind of interest there is and get some details on who can fly what and what fittings (T1/T2) they’ll need.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!



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