Góðr Barsmið

Had a solid fun encounter last night – it was a bit later for me and a few of us were just chilling out after some Fleet Op stuff when we see our Intel Channel blink with info on a Nuet travelling through our immediate area. He, Zarvox Toral, showed up in local of our staging system and left fairly quickly but his name popped up again in Intel only a minute or two later in a System down a dead end pipe near us. This is when the RL Brother throws out the idea of going to hunt Zarvox down and when we learn that one of our mates had already undocked to go look for him in the pipe so we scrambled into action.

Three of us erratically undock and start burning down the pipe towards our mate and Zarvox’s last known location. In total we had four pilots, the three of us that undocked late were flying in a Caracal, Hyena, and a Rupture and our mate already headed down the pipe was in a Scythe Fleet Issue.

Our first engagement with Zarvox was a lemming’fest and he wrecked three of us fairly quickly, I lost my Rupture first then our SFI went down and finally our Caracal… he was flying a brawling fit Vexor Navy Issue with a XLASB and a flight of Geckos – it was a BEAST of a ship and those Geckos are truly nasty! It was also during this first engagement that we learned Zarvox was streaming live on Twitch and some of our Alliance mates were watching the fight.

Those of us who lost ships in that first fight burned back to reship and get a little more organized and all due to some expert piloting by our Hyena pilot we managed to catch Zarvox coming into our staging system. We eventually managed to break his XLASB tank and take him down.

Many thanks for the good fights and good fun Zarvox, hopefully we’ll see you around the area again!


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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