Bráðr Fiskr Reiði

The cynosural field, more commonly referred to as a “cyno” is a content generator. When lit they create a cynosural beacon which  shows up on the Star Map alerting everyone that there is one active and they also show up on your overview as a warp-able object making them easy to find.

Cynos tend to draw inquisitive Capsuleers like a moth is drawn to the light of a flame – they want (need) to find out what is going on and are likely crossing their fingers that there may be a big juicy Capital Ship near it that they can tackle.

Cynos make for some interesting game play and I’ve been on the moth to a flame end – Cyno’syndrome – and recently have started to generate some content from the other side of the cyno… as bait – which some refer to as “Squirrel Fishing“.

Think Cyno, Bubble, Deathstar POS, abandoned drones all over the place (to decloak those pesky cloaky Capsuleers), and for good measure a couple of Combat Recons on grid to surprise the inquisitive Cyno investigators. We’ve had some luck in the last few days and caught a couple of fellas… Fish 1, Fish 2.

A lot of the same traffic tends to pass through most active systems so the Cyno Bait/POS trap will only work for so long but we’re taking advantage of it for now, it will be interesting to see how long we can keep the surprise fresh for!
– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!




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