Húð Draugr

AFK Cloaking, Cloaky Campers, Ghost Campers – They are a presence in New Eden, especially in SOV-Null, and there is no true counter – I’m not going to complain or rant about the mechanics or fairness of Cloaky Camping – it is what it is and anyone willing to put in the time to get the skills necessary can do it.

We’ve currently got a Cloaky Camper in one of our Systems and it’s most definitely a form of psychological warfare as he’s assuredly curtailing some of our industry and PvE activities in that System but he can only watch one system at a time so we just move our operations to where he isn’t and then when/if he decides to move he has the chance of being seen and the possibility of being caught. As one of my FRAG mates pointed out – one Cloaky Camper can not stop an entire Alliance from doing their thing and whomever that Camper belongs to is actually paying with game time to have him just sit there, he’s not actively making ISK with the Camper.

It’ll be just a matter of time before the Camper gets caught moving between systems, or gets bored, or moves on to ‘greener pastures’ as we’re not giving him any content. In the meantime we wait it out…


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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