Gjálfrmarr Ólíkr

Fleet Doctrines… we’ve got a couple of main fitting wizards in [.FRAG] and they work together planning our doctrine fits which have been very deliberately worked through staying in line with the probability that we’ll be fighting outnumbered – which is a solid way of thinking for any sized Fleet in New Eden as if the fight plays out for any length of time it is very likely that another Fleet will join in or a bigger Fleet will be on their way.

Factors like targeting range, engagement window (ie; who/what can you effectively engage), speed, signature, engagement life span (ie; capacitor life) all play a part in the fit planning process and our fellas are incredibly adept at getting fits together that perform remarkably well – as folks are wont to say “The proof is in the pudding”.

Now while many of our doctrine hulls are the same as what [NAGA.] use the exact fittings are not and this has caused troubles during some Fleets. A couple of the bigger issues are fits in the same hulls with different engagement ranges and then we’ve got support from logi that is not cap stable and can’t keep up with the main fleet.

It’s another case of we’ll see how this plays out, hopefully the Fleet Doctrine decision makers will all get together and hammer things out…


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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