Lið Skipa

We’re only a few days in but the transition to [NAGA.] Nerfed Alliance Go Away has been pretty painless, have even been able to get into a couple of fleets which were fun!.

As would be expected there is a bunch of logistics involved with switching Alliances which I’m super happy about not having to be too involved with, other than maybe lighting a couple of cynos and moving some assets via gates rather than by JF.

The first big thing I’ve noticed with [NAGA.] is their level of organization – they’ve got a solid IT team – and we were set up with TeamSpeak,, Slack and on the Nerfed Alliance Go Away website all within a day of joining.

It’s been a very warm welcome so far but I’ll continue to hold the “let’s see how this goes…” mind-set for a bit while we get settled and then see how things are playing out.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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