Floti Bjóða – Clusterfuck Roam II

I jumped into the FC chair again and took out my second Clusterfuck Roam last night.

I was fortunate to have Fifth running as our Scout again and on top of Scouting for the Fleet he was acting as my mentor/adviser providing encouragement and offering recommendations when asked for them. Having him there gives me some reassurance that even if I do make a utterly ludicrous decision with the Fleet (which he would let me do ~ learning lessons and all that…) there is a buffer to get the Fleet to safety if need be.

I was pleased with my overall confidence level and had no serious issues with giving clear and decisive orders. I felt that I was solid with my movement of the Fleet gate to gate through Regions and the general maneuvering of the Fleet. Where there is some experience definitely needed is with maneuvering the Fleet within a System when getting ready for an engagement or when engaged and with target selection.

A prime example of my target selection inexperience came last night – we had a Caracal, Cerberus and a Hurricane on grid with us and my call was to Primary the Cerb, thinking it was our biggest threat, with the Hurricane as our Secondary target and while we managed to get both the Caracal got away. After the engagement I asked Fifth if that was the right sequence of targets and he said it was a sound call but that he would have likely called the Caracal as Primary as it would have gone down quickly and we would have gotten the other two with spreading our points – these kind of things will come with experience.

For the duration of the almost three hour roam I had between eight to ten pilots in a mix of T1 Frigates, Intys, Dictors and T3 Dessies. We rolled through the Scalding Pass and Geminate Regions looking for targets of opportunity and we did fairly well for ourselves. We did lose a few ships but we took way more than we lost and most importantly fun was had!

I truly appreciate the CR0WZ Crew for giving me the opportunity to FC and for Fleeting up – Cheers fellas!

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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