Samna Jǫru-fægir

I will preface this post by stating clearly that I am not the ‘official’ Recruiter for Fractured Glory… but I’m not sure we actually have one either… Fifth and Arguil do most of our recruitment, usually by convo’ing pilots they’ve engaged in PvP fights that seem cool. So how do we go about getting bigger, how do we find solid, compatible, respectful, competent, fun, quality pilots to join our Corp/Alliance – I don’t know???

I browsed through some of the recruitment ads on the Alliance & Corporation Recruitment Center but can’t really see us going that route to recruit pilots – we’d just be one of the many small fishies in that big pool. I’d be very interested to see stats on conversion between a Recruitment Ad and actual numbers of pilots applying to the Corp from that Ad.

Fractured Glory

Measure twice
Cut once
Swear like a sailor
Buy another

Fifth Dimension: “what do you need a prop mod for when you are getting scrammed”

[23:26:41] Bhalu > You guys dont even have a kb ur that fail
[23:26:55] GX307 > we’re using yours check the losses side


.FRAG is a small Corporation but we have a good, close-knit, core group of active pilots that enjoy all aspects of EVE; missions in High-Sec for LP, Industry, PvP, PvE, etc… (well except for maybe Low-Sec PvP and High-Sec WarDec stuff – we tend to stay away from those). We’ve got some very experienced FC’s who are patient with newbies, willing to teach and again – active.

We’re welcoming to newer capsuleers or bitter vets.

We’re based mainly out of our newly acquired SOV Null system that is in the process of being fully upgraded.

We like to have fun and as long as you are not a rude douchebag, especially in a deliberate way, then you’d likely fit right in.

As far as requirements go I’m not really sure we’ve got any other than maybe the ability to use TeamSpeak 3 which we use for all our Fleet Ops and Leadership may or may not ask for an API for the obligatory background check?

We don’t have an in game Recruitment Channel but if you’re interested in joining .FRAG rip me a message in game and I can make some introductions or contact Fifth or Arguil directly and we can see if we’re a fit.


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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