Sváss Drykkr II

The period of Aegis Sovereignty is heading into it’s second week and we, The CORVOS, have managed to capture a small sliver of Null-Sec to call home… we’ll have to see how things go moving forward but here’s to hoping we can hold onto and defend our space well!

After some logistical help I’ve been able to get a few ships transported out to our new location, which I’m hesitant to call a MOB (Main Operating Base) but instead will refer to as our FOS (Forward Operating Site) until we get a solid foothold in the area.

It was late by the time I had everything in system but I dove headfirst into my first foray of Null-Sec ratting and ran a couple of Rally Points to test the waters of my Null-Sec ratting ship and help build our Military Index up a bit. Things went smoothly and I’ll likely get back into it tonight and maybe even jump into a Port or Hub if any are available.

Here’s to a place to call “Home”!

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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