Ráð Kjóll

I’ve recently skilled into a Loki… the Loki is the Minmatar Strategic Cruiser.

For many Minmatar, the high mountains of Matar hold wonders unknown to the rest of New Eden: hidden glens, beautiful creatures, buried customs. Not surprisingly, the Krusual tribe lay claim to these mountains, their home for generations and base to their machinations.

Krusual elders whisper ancient tales among their huddled tribes, describing the glory of heroes past and enigmatic prophecies of old. On the darkest day, at the most hopeless moments, an elder may speak of loki, in reverent tones and excited hushes. In the ancient tongue, the loki are the crux of Krusual thought. There is no direct translation for this word; in fact, loki translates differently among the elders. It can mean “hidden wonder” or “secret passage”, “changing mask” or “unseen dagger”. Regardless of its context, loki has one meaning common to all its tales across all the elders: “hope”.

Strategic Cruisers are made up of the hull and 5 subsystems that can be swapped to change the ship’s role, making them very flexible. There is a neat T3 Config Tool here ‘Loki – T3 Config Tool’ although I’m not 100% sure how up to date it is?

The Loki is the only Strategic Cruiser to support Defensive subsystems for both armor and shield tanking, the Covert Reconfiguration subsystem allows the Loki to be configured as a capable combat cloaky, the Electronics subsystem for improved web range gives the Loki the fitting and bonuses to be configured as a “super” Rapier or Huginn, it has Offensive subsystems to support autocannons or artillery and it can be fit as a Command Ship specialising in Skirmish Warfare Links.

I bit the ISK bullet bought and fitted out two Loki hulls. Geared them both towards PvP activities – one is a combat cloaky and the other is fitted for nullsec roams – will wait a bit before heading out in the roaming Loki, feeling the need to skill up some more before I risk that ship out in the wilds of New Eden.
– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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