Yfir-maðr Sǫk Umrœða

Let me start this off by stating clearly that I am just a lowly line member of our Corporation/Alliance and without a doubt don’t envy our Leadership in the least!

We, The CORVOS, are not a very large Alliance, I’d say we’re in the middling size of Alliances in New Eden but our Leadership has to deal with a full on metric shit-ton of stuff while managing the Alliance and keeping us all organized, productive, active and entertained.

One of their latest issues has been with them dealing with another Leader within the Alliance that was making decisions and working on Alliance plans without any counsel and wasn’t communicating transparently with them which obviously ended up causing some problems within our Alliance and with our Blues and in the end got he and his Corporation booted from The CORVOS. Initially the ousted Corporation was set to +5, for what was to be a seven day period, to allow them to move out any assets but then we found out the ousted Leader had been actively working to recruit others in attacking us, as well as actively trying to pay our Blues to attack us so… they have been reset completely and their members are now fair game!

Drama, drama, drama  – but also content, content, content 🙂


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!



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