Djúpr Grǫf

Being in an Corp/Alliance that is active and has members out creating and looking for content is a prize hard fought after in New Eden. Now I’m not saying we, The CORVOS, are always super active but it’s a rarity to not have double digits in our comms channel with people out on a roam, mining, exploring, moving assets, etc…

Take for example the other night… I wasn’t logged in for more than a few minutes and one of our members called out asking if anyone wanted to engage a group of site runners in a Wormhole. We were undocked and burning his way with a small Fleet just moments later. He came out to meet us, lead us down a short chain of wormholes and then we waited outside the one that he had saw them in while he went in to track them down again.

Our scout found the site runners pretty quickly and got initial tackle, we jumped in as soon as he called “Scram” and it was on… four kills – Stabber, Ishkur, Tengu and Thrasher was the score then we burned our way back home.

Good fun!

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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