Óvíss Ætt

The ‘Fog of War’ is not a new experience for me but in regards to how it manifests itself within EVE is… I am sometimes struggling with the depth of ambiguity that some of our higher levels of leadership can display. I do understand the need for a certain level of OPSEC but from my perspective there are some that take it a little too far, I’m guessing that it’s likely something along the lines of the syndrome known as the paradox of power.

If you’re going to run a Fleet Op then at least give a little bit of info for what you’ll be doing and what types of ships are needed – When someone asks (it wasn’t me by the way) “What’s going on and what kind of ships do you need?” going with the reply “Just f’ing join Fleet and find out!” doesn’t work for me, or most anyone I’d suspect.


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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