Stǫðva Daufi

The CORVOS are currently under a Wardec from a smaller Corporation, The Consolidated Navy. They are pretty active in the Metropolis and Heimatar regions  and are likely just looking for easy High-Sec targets to pop. Wardecs definitely take time away from my High-Sec exploration roams but that time then transitions into more time out in Null-Sec which has netted me some nice scores over the past week or so plus a good steady stream of salvage materials.

I’ve been hoarding up all the salvage materials I’ve found through my Relic/Data Site exploration and have a pretty good pile of stuff – I will soon be looking into consolidating that hoard into one location and then get it on the market and get some ISK rolling in.

Will just have to wait until we’re clear of Wardecs and not take any stupid chances…

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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