Kostr Maðr IV

Jugji is nearing the end of his current Pilot License Extension for Dual Character Training. I think he’s got around a week left on it and I’m not sure if I’ll add any more time to it. When it finishes he’ll be sitting at just under 6 million skill points and with his current skills he can fly any T1 Frigate or Destroyer and fit them with a T2 weapon systems and can fly any T1 Cruiser and fit them with a T1 weapon systems.

My original thought was to get him into Factional Warfare but I’m not totally sold on that, he’s not likely to get a huge amount of play time so I don’t know how beneficial that would be – I do like the idea of getting some FW Loyalty Points but going at FW solo is pretty burly and time consuming. Joining a FW Corp is an option but finding one that would welcome an alt has proven to be easier said than done… he may end up just being used as a tool for eyes or as an out of Alliance alt to move stuff around – we will just have to see how things play out???

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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