Vart Hitta II

I wrote a pretty detailed post with copy and paste of a forum post about Drone Data sites back in November – Vart Hitta – and since we’ve been under some Wardecs lately I’ve been spending a bit more time in and around the Drone Null-Sec regions exploring and last night received my first ever Drone Data Site escalation!

It was only five jumps away from where I got it so I burned there excitedly and dove right in – the escalation site was identical to a normal Drone Data Site containing 3 cans, two High Security Containment Facilities, and one Research and Development Lab. I hacked the Lab first and it came up empty but the first Containment Facility I hack contained two 60-Run Augmented BPC’s! One for Augmented Hammerheads the other was an Augmented Ogre BPC… SCORE!

Also came away with a handful of ‘Integrated’ Drone BPC’s of different variations.

Was a nice little run, will head back out again soon!

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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