Njóta Inn Leikr

I’m pretty sure I’ve discussed it here before… I’ve been pretty fortunate with my time in New Eden thus far and have not come across many entirely asinine players. There has definitely been a few but even on those occasions, for the most part, I’ll not acknowledge them in ‘Local Chat’ other than a “o/” or “gf” if the FC calls for it.

We’re currently running some roams in the Wicked Creek region and are getting quite a few engagements with TEST pilots and there’s been a few things I’ve noticed:

  • A number of their pilots like to inundate ‘Local’ with garbage chat, taunts or other ridiculousness, it’s like being in Jita or Hek when there are TEST pilots in a System.
  • From my experience so far I don’t believe that TEST has any understanding of small gang PvP? If they see a Fleet of five pilots they bring a Fleet of fifty pilots, which I guess from their perspective means that they’ve pretty much guaranteed themselves a ‘victory’?
  • Their Fleets fly much like a streaming gang of Lemmings.

We are taking some losses from their blobbing style of Fleets but we’re also getting some kills and more importantly fun is being had! We are also learning their style and we’ll make the necessary adjustments, we will fly smarter than them, we will pick our engagements more wisely than them and we will win “EVE”!!! (after which we’ll start over in High-Sec with noob ships…)

Looking forward to some more Wicked Creek fun!

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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