Bál Lið

I’m developing a concept and Fleet Doctrine for a ‘Gate Camp Fire Team’ which I’m going to designate with the tag “Task Force Whiskey”.

The ideal Gate Camp would be set up in an actively travelled pipe system, with only a couple of gates. Scouts are deployed in each of the neighboring systems, stop or drag bubbles are set up in the Camp System and a nice fleet are ready to pounce.

Including the scouts you could run the Task Force with six or seven pilots. For the Fleet Doctrine I’m thinking something along the lines of a Dual Web Huginn, a SEBO Sivpul, and two or three heavier DPS hulls – something like the Vexor, Thorax, Omen or Stabber would work well or some Assault Frigates or some DPS orientated T3 Destroyers. The scouts could be in something as bait to try and draw some people in or maybe something cloaky to strictly provide intel on what is inbound – I’d go with whatever they feel comfortable in. This is the minimum I think I would feel comfortable with in a pipe system Gate Camp. Depending on the number of pilots available you could easily build upon this base and get coordinated Fleets guarding each gate.

I think for SOV-Warfare having a couple of these Task Forces spread across the Constellation for either a denial of access or confinement style of Gate Camp will work well.


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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