Malm-þing Speki

Lately I’ve been getting out for some PvP training session with some Corp/Alliance mates. I’ll be the first to admit that within my knowledge of EVE where I’m lacking the most is the fundamentals and tactics of PvP combat. There is just so much that goes into PvP and each time we head out I’m learning something new.

I’m solid with the pre-op preparation, knowing the ship I’m going to pilot, it’s weapons, speed, etc… and with following FC’s commands during the Fleets but where I seem to be deficient is during the actual engagements with my on-grid situational awareness. When we’re in the shit stuff like keeping range with the opposing fleet, where to align to when in trouble, watching out for scrams/webs/neuts on my ship, and a multitude of other important little things sometimes fall out of my vision.

I’m sure it’s just an experience thing and my ‘vision’ will improve but it can definitely be frustrating when I’m flying with such good pilots who are seeing all these things without even thinking about them – sometimes it leaves me feeling like such a pathetic noob.

What I need to do is get out for more training ops and commit to running Frigates through Operation Banahǫgg Spá at least a couple times a week and get that experience!

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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