Fylgja Naðr

Took a chance last night and undocked Demonic Pygmy for a little High-Sec exploration roam. We’ve still got a Wardec on the go but I did some homework on the crew that is at war with us and found out where and when they were the most active and planned my route accordingly.

I hit the systems quickly running any Refuges and Dens I found and I cleared a few but didn’t get any escalations. I was getting ready to call it on the exploration roam and  instead go camp some MTU’s with some mates but as I was in a really quiet system I thought I’d at least scan down all the Cosmic Signatures and see if there was anything exciting. In amongst all the Wormholes I ended up finding two Combat Sites – a Rogue Drone Asteroid Infestation and an Angel Lookout.

I ran the Drone site first and ripped through it rapidly. The Angel Lookout wasn’t any harder but once I destroyed the Angel Control Center a message popped up:

“Your attention is drawn to one of the communications panels; it looks like you are receiving a transmission from one of the few pirate ships that got away. It is only one word: “Help!” The device also shows the apparent location of the transmitter…”

I had just received my first expedition – Chasing The Dragon – it was nothing epic but it was fun to run!


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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