Gaman Hvé?

Following yesterday’s post I got to thinking about the EVE Sandbox and wondering how others get their enjoyment in New Eden.

What’s your favourite thing to do? Mine? Mission? PI? Spin in station? Incursions? PvP? Do you have a favourite?

I can’t claim to have a favourite activity, I truly enjoy the ability to do whatever it is I’m feeling like doing at the moment. I will say that I definitely do get more enjoyment when those activities are paired with some Fleet mates.


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!



5 thoughts on “Gaman Hvé?

  1. The thing that I wish to do is solo pvp, or small gang pvp (10 in fleet or less) however that doesn’t seem that achievable and I am frustrated to the point where I have gone back to industry, (although still attempting the solo thing on occasion).

    I enjoy industry although mine is a little disorganised at the moment, I am taking steps to sort that out.

    Also hotspot trading can be quite enjoyable.


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