Blanda Háttr

I love the Sandbox gameplay and free-roaming approach that EVE provides, it allows for pretty much unlimited possibilities for activities. For the most part I try not to be a jerk/douche-bag and play with some level of respect and courtesy for the other pilots in New Eden but every so often my inner pest comes out…

Was out and about last night messing around with some Combat Probes and ran across a fairly new player salvaging a mission with a MTU and a Noctis. Guess I was feeling a little obnoxious and ended up playing the bowling game with his Noctis and kept bumping him off his MTU and out of range for his salvaging modules to work. He took it in stride though and just kept on with his work.

Was a fun diversion for a bit.


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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