Vinátta Flár Fata

I had headed out the other night with thoughts of setting up a drag bubble trap and camping it for a bit to see what I could catch. I had been at it for maybe 10-15 minutes with a couple smaller gangs of neutrals passing through, both too much for me to engage solo, when a lone Serenity Initiative pilot showed up in local and shortly after a conversation request from Orion Sa-Solo whom I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with a few times. Orion is pretty active in the EVE Social media circles, on Twitter and blogging occasionally, and we’ve had some good interactions in and out of EVE.

Orion and I had chatted a few times about getting a fleet together and heading out on a roam at some point and as serendipity would have it the Serenity crew were out and about and I was invited along so I abandoned my bubble trap, quickly re-shipped and off we went.

It was a fairly uneventful roam in terms of engagements, up until the last system we hit (more on that later), but the crew along were fun, friendly and easy to hang out with. Orion was the FC for the roam and his ‘flavour’ of leadership and comms were similar enough with how Fifth & GX run our fleets that I had no problems falling in line. He took it slow and steady keeping the fleet together really well, his commands were clear and concise and much like when we head out for smaller .FRAG roams the fleet comms were loose but disciplined – a nice change from CR0WZ comms which can be a loud, jumbled and frustrating place at times.

On to the whelping… the last system we hit was E02-IK which is home to a number of Hashashin Cartel pilots and after a bit of haggling they agreed to meet us at a planet for a fight. We outnumbered them but they brought bigger boats and while we did manage to get a couple of them in the end we took a beating, I lost a Wolf and got Podded and woke up back in Hek.

Fun was had, friends were made and… “This is EVE ~ Shipwrecks happen!


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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