Einn Haf Víl

You just never know what you’re going to find when you jump into W-Space…

I was out exploring the other day and had scanned down a few wormholes to check out. The first one I jumped into was J213932 a C1 in the A821-A Region. After my initial D-Scan check I saved my exit location and then rolled the MWD/Cloak Trick just in case someone was ‘watching’ the hole I came in.

J213932 was a pretty small system all but one planet was within D-Scan range of my entrance and there was absolutely nothing showing on scan so I warped over to one of the moons of the far planet for a little recon. As I reached the end of my warp to the moon I got some D-Scan results, there was a POS in the area and a few ships. I narrowed down my scans and found the POS which had all but one of the ships within it’s forcefield, the unaccounted for ship was a Minmatar Shuttle. I kept up with the D-Scanning and managed to track it down near the Customs Office of the planet so warped to 100km of the POCO and there it was, just 140km away – and empty, it was just the shuttle, no pilot?

It seemed odd and I was more than a little suspicious so took my time, stayed cloaked and moved myself to within striking range. Once within range I chatted with a few of the mates for a bit trying to ease the trepidation I was a feeling as I was sure it was a trap – my mind had it playing out with me uncloaking, targeting, and then shooting the poor defenseless shuttle only to in return get owned by the half dozen cloaked pilots that were just waiting for someone like me to show up – the fellas suggested the “Banzai!” approach and I went for it.

Uncloaked, targeted and then unleashed my torpedoes on PI Boss’s Minmatar Shuttle which exploded in a fiery ball of loveliness and there was no trap – it was just a lonely, adrift, un-piloted shuttle containing 1 unit of Tritanium and a Planetology Skill Book?

After that little bit of fun I settled down and scanned all the Signatures in J213932, managed to find a few Relic/Data sites and scored a 3-Run Shadow Warp Disruption Battery BPC!

Gotta love the unknowns and surprises of W-Space exploration!!!


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!



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