Landaleitan Fǫr

Wardecs galore!

We’ve taken a beating over the last week or so and of course others have taken notice so we are now a delicious target for the High-Sec Wardec crowd… which for me means it’s time to go hang out in Low and Null-Sec while this all plays out.

I’ve decided to delve back into some exploration and try my hand at finding some more Drone Data sites and I was successful! Rolled through a half-dozen low traffic Drone systems the other day and popped two Drone Data sites and manage to score six ‘Integrated’ Drone BPC’s and with looking at the Blueprint Calculator there appears to be some decent ISK to be made from them!

The short-term plan will be to get out for some more exploration and keep a low profile while the Alliance hopefully gets through these Wardecs.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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