Ámæli Tíðendi

Along with the switching of Alliances comes the introduction to new Alliance mates and with that there comes an adaptive period where you are learning each others play styles, favoured type of content, comms mannerisms and a host of other behavioral traits.

It’s only been a couple of days and I’m sure it’ll take a week or two to really get the gist of everything and how we’re all going to fit together but I got out on a Fleet with a few of the members the other day and a couple of things really stood out for me.

The first was Comms Discipline ~ While out on the Fleet there was lots of over-talking of the FC and scout, way to much chatter and no uniformity with nomenclature with orders which was making things very confusing. After the Fleet I sent a message to a couple of the Corp CEO’s stating such and provided a link to a solid write up on PvP comms protocol – Guide: PvP Voice Communications – and it’s looking like this will get sent out in an Alliance wide email which will hopefully get us all on the same page for PvP Fleet comms.


The second thing that stood out happened after the Fleet roam when a couple of Alliance members decided to go suicide ganking in High-Sec ~ I am all for content and realize that ganking is one way to get some easy content and for Alliances like CODE. that are organized for the practice of suicide ganking with designated bumpers, well managed fleets of gankers and other designated members to loot the wrecks it’s a way for them to make ISK.

Now this is definitely a personal thing coming from my own perceptions but I believe High-Sec suicide ganking degrades the character and standing of the Corporations and Alliances involved and will instead compound a reputation of incompetent notoriety. I think this is especially true when it’s just a couple of pilots going about it with no true organization in the effort.

I understand that it may be a lost cause but I’m of the opinion that if we want to build a reputation as a prominent Alliance and move towards gaining some level of respect and prestige that we will need to get our members to refrain from the practice of suicide ganking and have suggested such to our leadership – we’ll see how that goes…


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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