Kostr Maðr

I’ve been back into EVE for awhile now and can’t really claim to be a neophyte any longer but there are definitely some areas of the game that I’m seriously lacking knowledge on… Factional Warfare being on the top of that list!

I have an Alt (doesn’t everyone???) that I’m thinking of enlisting into Factional Warfare but don’t know where to begin? I started this Alt with the 20 days of training we got at Christmas and have added some extra time on top of that. He’s very Frigate’centric, has all Racial Frigates to IV at the moment and is working towards all the T2 weapon systems and some support skills currently.

There are a number of resources out there for Factional Warfare:

And it’s all good information but it doesn’t answer everything… the things I’m curious about:

  1. Is there a ‘better’ militia to join?
  2. Since he’s an Alt do I join solo or try to find a Corp that is already involved in FW?
  3. Will a FW Corp welcome an Alt, I’ll definitely only be playing him when there’s not something going on with Kalam.
  4. Is a Frigate specialist enough for FW’ing or do I need to add some Destroyer/Cruiser level of ships as well?

I created an EVEBoard sheet for this Alt “Jugji Meng“, if you get a chance take a look at what he’s got trained and is currently training, appreciate any thoughts or feedback!


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


2 thoughts on “Kostr Maðr

  1. ‘Best militia’ is very situational. If you want to farm LP, then it’s the militia with highest tier that will be the best. If you want pew you might want to join the underdog.

    I am sure there are corps that allows alts to join. Otherwise solo works as well until you find a corp to join

    Frigates are enough. They can kill stupid cruisers and are nimble enough to GTFO under most circumstances


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