Órœkja Fólcvíg

We are currently under a Wardec and I’m ‘usually’ really good at staying under the radar during Wardecs… but I was screwing around a bit in High-sec the other day, camping a Gate in Uttindar with a Gnosis trying to catch some pod gankers, when I saw a Deadly Fingertips pilot come up in Local. He came from the far Gate and there was just one so I waited at the Hek gate for him to land and see what he was flying, turned out to be a Confessor – I jumped into Hek and immediately warped to a safe – there were three more Deadly Fingertips pilots in Hek already and they must have had Combat Probes out cause it took less than a minute and the Confessor pilot was on Grid with me and I was caught.

This is what I get for screwing around in High-sec in a slow, uncloaky ship when we’re under Wardec!




“This is EVE ~ Shipwrecks happen!


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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