Urðr Kista

Scanning down Mobile Tractor Units has become a go to activity when I’ve got some time to kill in New Eden.

I go about finding MTUs by first locating them on D-scan at max range then pin-pointing their range from me by decreasing the range of D-scan in small increments. Finding the approximate range of the MTU helps a ton, you can focus your probes on unknown structures that are at that range making scanning much quicker. One condition I place upon myself with this ‘Malady of the MTU’ is that I’ll not shoot one if the owner is in system which at times means that none of the MTUs I’ve found are fair game for me.

I spent some time scanning down MTUs the other night, there’s a little pocket of Systems near Hek (Barkrik, Lanngisi, Nakugard and Tvink) that are a hive of Level 4 Security missions, and I managed to scan down a number of MTUs in a very short time.

Unfortunately with all but one the owners were in system… but oh boy that one was juicy! I had cargo scanned it and it looked full but I didn’t take a really good look at what was inside it as the owner wasn’t in system so I wanted to get at it quickly. I warped back to Hek and re-shipped into the Hound then warped straight back to the MTU. It popped quickly and then when I went to loot the wreck I really noticed how insane the loot was – Yvelino ACHILLE (Mobile Tractor Unit). There was such a mishmash of stuff in there, it makes no sense for there to be a Pith X-Type X-Large Shield Booster, True Sansha Capacitor Power Relays and Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizers all scooped from the same mission so my only guess is that Yvelino ACHILLE was possibly using his MTU as a Mobile Depot??? I truly have no idea and at the end of the day am not too concerned with the ‘why’ – it was a score and I’ll take it although I don’t think Yvelino is quite as excited as I am.

Sadly, for all those missioners anyways, a score like this has only seated my Malady of the MTU even deeper.


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!




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