Stǫðva Reiði (2015-01-04)

Went for it the other night and set up my first solo drag bubble camp. I stuck close to my Low-Sec staging home and camped out the Skarkon gate in L4X-1V.

While L4X-1V is not a super busy System it is one of the few Null-Sec to Low-Sec exits in Etherium Reach, the two other gates in System, WPV-JN & IL-H0A, line up really well with the Skarkon gate plus they are way off D-scan range so incoming pilots will not see the bubble until it’s too late – any that don’t have a ping off the Skarkon gate and aren’t nullified should catch the drag.

I spent some time in System setting up multiple bookmarks around the gate and getting the position for my Mobile Small Warp Disruptor I nailed down so that my drag would work correctly. I did all the setup work in my Hound earlier in the evening and then came back in Fenrisúlfr Mk.A1 to actually get the bubble deployed and anchored.

I spent about an hour camping the Skarkon gate and only saw a few neutrals come into system. Lots must have went the WPV-JN <-> IL-H0A route as they didn’t show up on my D-scan at all, quite a few that did were in Interceptors so there was no joy but I did pop one pod.

My camping was ended when a pair of neutrals showed up in an Ishtar and Malediction. I caught them on D-scan first so warped away from my bubble to an on-grid safe thinking that it was likely that the Ishtar was going to get caught and I didn’t want to be anywhere near the bubble when he arrived – that would have been ugly. I sat way out of range and watched as the Ishtar pilot blew up my bubble while the Malediction pilot started burning my way. I didn’t wait around, warped off to a mid-space Safe and waited for them to leave System before I headed home.

It was a good first attempt at a drag bubble camp, I got some good practice with warping around my on-grid bookmarks near the Gate and spent some time researching ship types and how they match-up against my Wolf, need to be a little picky with the engagements when you’re doing this solo. It was fun and I’ll head out again soon, either solo or maybe with some mates – lots more engagements possible when you’ve got friends!

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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