Stǫðva Reiði

Shortly after returning to New Eden I had the opportunity to join in with my RL brother on a Gate Camp with the Notorious Legion crew that was being FC’d by their CEO Starshipman. I had a ton of fun and have been itching to do it again but sadly the occasion hasn’t presented itself since then.

Consequently I’ve taken action to remedy that itch and have trained up my Anchoring and Propulsion Jamming skills so that I can set up my own Mobile Warp Disruptors and have been doing my homework on how to set up Gate Camps.

My next step will be some research on DOTLAN EveMaps to pick a good location and then either head out solo or get some Alliance mates on board for the fun.

I’m game to go it solo. It would be a clear way to get some PvP action but the drawback will be that depending on which ship I’m in I’ll have to be heedful about the engagements I take on and with me still not intimately knowledgeable with all the ships types in EVE I reckon that I’d be very cautious and ultimately lose out on some fights.

Either solo or with a Fleet I’m eager to get out there and Bubble!

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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