Auðigr Laun

Was out wandering Low-Sec the other night when I get a notification that a RL mate has logged in, his EVE in game name is Melrick Aubaris. He’s not got that much time to play and is in Hek so I start making my way that direction thinking we may be able to find some trouble to get in to and when I’m about two jumps out Melrick notices that a newer fella, Andrey Dubina, has just gotten a Suspect Flag which gave us 15 minutes to hunt him down and attack without any CONCORD penalty.

As soon as I hit Hek I reshipped into Naglfar – RAGE™ and started hitting the belts, went with the assumption that Andrey was probably looting wrecks, and it paid off – I found him, flying a Talwar, in Hek IX – Asteroid Belt 4.  Unfortunately I had warped in at Ø and got decloaked by an asteroid so he warped off right away but he had been about 200km off the belt so curious I took a look at what was out there and lo and behold there was a can so I warped out to it and took a quick peak inside, it was full of loot. Now this brightens things up, I cloaked up and reposition about 15km above the can and wait. While I’m waiting Melrick has fitted a long point on his Vexor, undocked and gotten himself to a Safe Spot in anticipation of Andrey coming back to get his loot.

We didn’t wait too long… Mr.Dubina warped right back to his can and started orbiting it so I started my approach and once within 5km had Melrick warp to me at Ø. When Melrick came in he decloaked me, got point and unleashed his drones while I hit Andrey’s Talwar with my ECM and started firing missiles at it. The ambush must have shook up the poor fella and/or the ECM worked well because he didn’t even Yellow Box either of us? Andrey’s Talwar went down fast and then we popped his Pod for good measure.

He apparently was not too pleased with us and shortly after our ambush placed bounties on both Melrick and me – we’re now ‘Wanted’ – it was a quick bit of fun to end the night!


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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