Mótgørð Stela

I flew home the other night to get caught up with my PI colonies and as I was preparing to dock I hit D-Scan one last time and saw something new in the results, a Small Mobile Siphon Unit?

This item was completely new to me and had me solidly intrigued so I stationed up and googled it – the EVElopedia entry provided some good data and the first sentence in one passage in particular caught my attention:

Please note: Anyone can access Siphon Units and take out the stolen goods. The structure can be targeted and destroyed by anyone without repercussions.”

Hmmm… I undocked in a Cheetah cloaked up and started narrowing down D-Scan to see if I could pinpoint the Siphons location. It was actually pretty easy to do and within a minute I was warping to a nearby moon where there happened to be a Calamitous-Intent POS that had a Small Mobile Siphon Unit owned by Deaths Rage stealing Cadmium and it was nearly full – I manage to acquire 1566 units from it.

Curious now I took a look in a system next door and discovered another Siphon, this time a Small Mobile ‘Rote’ Siphon Unit stealing Crystallite Alloy, it was owned by the same guy and it was full, 1000m³ of Alloy,  so to help him out I emptied it.

I’ll let the owner’s of the starbases these siphons are on take care of destroying them but I’ll check them both for the next few days and see if I can’t continue to help Deaths Rage out by keeping them empty.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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