Leita Járnleikr

Pretty much every night I’m logged in I’ve spent at least some time flying Banahǫgg Spá looking to get in an engagement for Operation Banahǫgg Spá which is my lose 20 frigate plan but other than the the one fight I got in Skarkon near the Ennur gate I’ve had no luck.

I’ve run around the Low-Sec Systems of Molden Heath looking for trouble, I’ve looted wrecks in the Hek belts getting a Suspect Flag and then warped around the belts looking for someone to engage, and I’ve jumped from Hek into Otou and wandered the Low-Sec Systems of Sinq Laison but there’s been no joy.

When I’ve been in Hek I’ve thought about just outright asking in local for a 1v1 Frigate match-up or maybe utilizing the in-game ‘Invite to Duel’ request but have not sold myself on those ideas yet. I’m a little wary of those options being open to third party Logi involvement.

What am I missing? Are 1v1 Frigate fights just that hard to come by? Am I just being too passive about it? Am I looking in the wrong areas?

Any thoughts or recommendations are welcomed!

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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