Fleiri Dráp Kvilla

The Mobile Tractor Unit (or MTU) – I’ve used them, they are handy for cleaning up big missions, but it was seeing one show up on zKillboard that drew my attention this weekend – I mean I guess I knew you could shoot them but I didn’t really understand the mechanics of it or if you could find them until I did a bit of research.

  • Attack mechanic: Attacking the structure will give a suspect flag to the attacker only. That means anyone can attack them and does not risk being punished by Concord for doing so in high sec systems.
  • Signature and Sensor strength: Mobile Tractor Units can be probed down.

Which has resulted in a whole new sickness… the “Malady of the MTU”

It took hold a few times this weekend:

The way I figure it is that if you’ve left your poor MTU out in space all unattended the least I can do is clean it up for you.

I had reinforced and then blew up a couple of  Mobile Depot’s in Low Sec awhile back without really knowing what was going to happen but as  I was checking into MTU’s I also looked into the mechanics of Mobile Depot’s:

  • Attack mechanic: Any pilot can attack this structure thus gaining a suspect flag only. The pilot can damage it until it has 25% shields left, then the mobile home enters a 48 hour reinforcement mode where it can’t be damaged. If the structure leaves reinforced mode with 0 shields after 48 hours, the armor and structure HP become vulnerable. If then attacked the structure can be blown up and will drop a loot container of random contents. If the structure manages to go up to 25% shields after coming out of reinforcement mode it enters its original state and can only be reinforced again but not destroyed.
  • Warning: It’s worth remembering that if a Mobile Depot is attacked in a high sec system, the attacker will NOT be punished by Concord! He will only receive a suspect flag.
  • Signature and Sensor strength: Mobile Depots can be probed down.

They’re definitely a bit harder to take down with the reinforcement mode and the 48 hour timer. The two I took out didn’t drop anything but I’ll be keeping my eye out for them as well, you just never know what you might get in one.


Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season!


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!



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