Dráp Telja

Was doing my daily rounds of EVE Blogs and websites and ran across a couple of posts, Taking Wing – Why do we fight?Eveoganda – 4,436 Kills Later (or 4,357 Kills Later), that struck a chord and got me looking into the different killboards that are at one’s disposal. From my experience in FØRCED ENTRY there is not much thought put towards the killboards, we’re not being asked or prompted to try to maintain any sort of efficiency percentage and other than using them for intelligence gathering on roams I’ve not heard much chatter about them. I personally have been using them here to link kills and losses but again am not putting any pressure on myself to hold up any sort of kill/loss ratio – I do find them a fun thing to look at though, and taking a look at my stats you can see I’m a Rookie Ship Cyno’syndrome Weasel!

These are the three main killboards that I’m aware of:

For comparison I took a look at my stats on each:

zkillboard and eve-kill look very similar but the stats aren’t identical between them, not sure why that is, and then if you look at the battleclinic/killboard it has a totally different feel to it and seems to have a few more options to look at different ships flown and pilots flown with that aren’t as easily accessible from the other two.

For intelligence gathering purposes I find these sites a key asset, they give you a quick look at a pilot’s PvP history, the types of ships he frequently pilots, types of kills he goes after, pilots he frequently fleets with, etc…

While I’ll never put any pressure on myself to hold up any sort of required statistic I’m sure I’ll continue to look at the killboards as they’re fun, useful and sometimes I get a solid laugh at the Awful Loss of the Day and other times the ALOD is just mind bottling!

Happy Holidays!


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!



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