Drepa Kaupmaðr

“Sometimes it’s all about the trades.” ~ Fifth Dimension

Our primary FC, Fifth Dimension, is back and with the PFR crew moving out of the immediate area he’s switched our focus back towards PvP training and more specifically Small Fleet Tactics. With that in mind he’s been intensifying our frequency of Small Fleet T1 Cruiser roams. I asked the brother which ship I should bring and he passed along a fit which I’ve named “Smooth Newt“.

Still being fairly new to PvP having a proficient FC brings such an immense and positive difference to the experience plus I’m always learning something. For me Grid awareness is a huge one and Fifth has got a rooted grasp on it, constantly pointing out and broadcasting wrecks to warp to that will get us within range of a far target or getting us to check our range to the target so that we’re out of their optimal. I find that if I just sit back, relax, listen to the FC’s commands and respond quickly I tend to survive longer and actually provide some definite support in the process.

We had a really fun roam last night and got into a few good engagements. I did lose “Smooth Newt” but got a few juicy pod kills – Shandril Devilsblood ( Capsule ) & CtrlFreak ( Capsule ) – and helped the Fleet out on a number of others:

The trades were worth it…

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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