Jita Stǫðva

I was out wandering yesterday afternoon looking to find some CONCORD action in Naglfar – RAGE™ and my route had me jumping through Jita. I jumped into Perimeter, one system before Jita, and held cloak while I checked local. It was busy but I didn’t see anyone flashing with a Criminal or Suspect Flag and there was only one war target in system, Althur Kruw, so I hit the warp to zero towards the Jita Gate and hit my cloak on the way in. As I came out of warp I could see the Gate was busy but didn’t really think anything of it. As I neared the Gate I started de-cloaking and then I started spamming the jump button and then this appeared…


“Officials have closed the starGates to Jita due to heavy congestion. Travelers are advised to seek alternate routes.”


This was not something I had seen before and it took me a few seconds to be fully cognizant of what it meant. Unfortunately by the time I read the message and started to look for a spot to warp away to Mr.Kruw had me locked up and pointed.

My initial reaction was to run away so I aligned and overheated my prop mod but I was running with an Afterburner and it just wasn’t enough speed to get me out of range so I targeted him back and aggressed but it was too late. I had waited too long and I got popped – Hound (Stealth Bomber) & Capsule – Genolution ‘Auroral’ 197-variant.

In hindsight with the fit I was flying my initial reaction of ‘Run!’ was misguided, what I should have done was aggressed right away. If I had both the ECM – Ion Field Projector II on him I likely could have disrupted his targeting and escaped.

Yet again… “This is EVE ~ Shipwrecks happen!

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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