Veiðr – J113619

Found a C-3 in Skarkon this afternoon so jumped in with “Veiðimaðr” and took a look around. Found a couple of C-3 connections and one Relic Site. Thought this would be a good opportunity to try setting up a perch, camp the site out for a bit and see if any one came on by.

I had a good spot…



Had two visitors to the system during my hunt and one of them scanned down and came to the Relic Site in an Imicus. I was patient and waited until he had locked up the can and started his hack then uncloaked, targeted, hit him with the Warp Distruptor, Target Painter and let loose the torpedoes. I got the jump on him and hit him with two decent salvos before he really started taking off on me and the third salvo hit him good due to his Microwarpdrive. I got him into about 50% structure for sure but then he got range on me dropped the Distruptor and I lost him.

Lessons have been learned. Next time I’m camping a Relic or Data site I can expect Frigates – get closer, prepare ahead of time and use a Warp Scrambler!


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!



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