Bróðir Rata

Got out on a Null-Sec roam with some Alliance mates last night. Four of us went out, FC’d by Fifth Dimensinon, with T1 Cruisers and me in a Stilletto. Much fun was had and I actually survived for quite some time, ended up getting shot up just a few short jumps from home. But as Fifth said during one of our engagements with some pilots of the DamnedNation Alliance – “Sometimes it’s all about the trades.” – and we got some good ones… 2skulls (Falcon), 2skulls (Naga), FearCult (Ishtar).

And as usual I’ve got my eye out for those little blue dots on the Star Map to help with my Cyno’syndrome illness… if they aren’t too far off our route I’m compelled to go check them out and last night we just happened across two doses of the cure… crystal kupps (Ibis), thom3 (Magnate).

thom3 was not too pleased, calling me a “tough guy” in local. Now while I didn’t respond, it’s not my style to get engaged in flame wars with the pilots in local, he should know better – I’ve got a sickness and he should stop enabling it!


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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