Ófriðr CT8K-0


That is the only word that comes to mind for last nights events. We’ve been Blue to Phoebe Freeport Republic for awhile now and have helped them with their ongoing SOV efforts – last night their Station in CT8K-0 came out of reinforcement and a Fleet (or I should say Fleets) was formed to defend and repair it, things did not go well… Battle Report: CT8K-0 / 2014-12-16 05:00 +/- 1 Hour

From my perspective the main issue was communication – there wasn’t any – it felt like there were multiple Fleets on the go each with their own objectives and no cohesive action plan in place. We were all on different comms and I have no idea how communication between the merging of Fleets was being handled. The F0RCED ENTRY. contingent was led by our main FC, Fifth Dimension on our own comms. Fifth was watching the main PFR FC’s broadcasts and delegating our actions accordingly but this wasn’t working pretty quickly once the main engagement started.

Not sure when things fully fell apart but at some point Fifth decided to re-ship and with almost 400 pilots in CT8K-0 just mess around with some folk and see if we could separate a few off to get a kill or two. We managed to get one – Samuelle Adams (Stiletto) – and then I promptly got blown up myself and podded on the way back to Skarkon.

Not entirely sure what to take away from the engagement. I did enjoy the Fleet action with my Alliance mates and am pleased with our efforts, actions and leadership during the engagement but at the end of the overall battle I was left feeling frustrated with it in general. Had there been more inter-Fleet communication or even some kind of inclusive planning beforehand I think things would have gone much differently.

Oh well… as was said yesterday… “This is EVE ~ Shipwrecks happen!

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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