Haf Víl Ætla

Between CODE. and Goonswarm Federation there are ships getting exploded all over the place, Hek and it’s neighboring Systems have been a centrum of Ganking activity lately.

CODE. has been camping the Uttindar gate, usually using neutral pilots for scouts and a couple of pilots in Machariel’s to bump freighters out of alignment, they then undock their Ganking fleet and come take out their ‘hostage’. I camped out the Uttindar gate in the Hound quite a bit over the past week and assisted CONCORD in providing their retributive justice.

Last night Goonswarm Federation was having a Ganking carnival in Nakugard with neutral scouts, scanning ships, and two Ganking fleets. They were taking out mission runners as well as the miners in the Ice Belt and they have adjusted their tactics with the use of two fleets. The first fleet comes in and takes out their ‘main’ target with the second fleet coming in shortly after looking for ‘Anti-Gankers’ and to clean up the mess.

I was helping CONCORD out in Nakugard last night and after one of Goonswarm’s successful Ganks wasn’t paying close enough attention and managed to get myself Ganked in the process. I must have come too close to a wreck or glacial mass and got de-cloaked and I didn’t notice – it took just a few short seconds for Warr Akini to have me locked up, shot up and ejected out into my pod.


Lesson of the evening… “Be mindful of your environment.”

Motto of the evening… “This is EVE ~ Shipwrecks happen!

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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