Ráða – Operation Helgrind

Being a former Marine I have got some organizational and practical experience with small unit tactics and within EVE I’ve been falling back into the routines of operational planning and with that comes a bunch of acronyms.

SMEAC – The Five Paragraph Order

  • “S”ituation
  • “M”ission
  • “E”xecution
  • “A”dministration and logistics
  • “C”ommand and signals

BAMCIS – The Six Troop Leading Steps

  • “B”egin planning
  • “A”rrange for reconnaissance
  • “M”ake reconnaissance
  • “C”omplete the plan
  • “I”ssue the order
  • “S”upervise

SALUTE – Enemy Sighting Report

  • “S”ize
  • “A”ctivity
  • “L”ocation
  • “U”nit
  • “T”ime
  • “E”quipment

The first step in planning any operation involves becoming aware enough of a situation to start to devise theoretical ways to solve it. Then you have to be able to gather information that will help you make your decision. This requires a plan itself. Once you have enough information you can complete your planning and from there it is a matter of executing and ensuring that everything went according to your vision… Simply put the goal is to gather information, make a plan, execute and ensure the success of the mission.

Planning for Operation Helgrind is in full swing but my initial thoughts for execution of the operation will not work so we are now re-working through the reconnaissance and planning phase and will adjust our execution to fit the new direction of the operation.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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